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“Architecting the Next Generation Solutions”

Today, as organizations around the world are forced to adopt remote work strategies, they are challenged by making internal and external applications and services more easily accessible. Simultaneously, security in distributed systems becomes an bigger task, along with skyrocketing costs to manage everything. The German company comdivision consulting GmbH offers customers complete solutions with easier migration to, for example, VMware Cloud on AWS instead of time-consuming llift and shift projects. comdivision provides help from analysis and proof of concept phases, to migration and provides even managed-services. comdivision provides security advisory services for companies that move to Cloud services, using modern intrinsic security solutions like CarbonBlack; both customer operated and as a managed service. comdivision helps to analyze Cloud service consumption and advises on optimization opportunities to help customers reduce costs, by allowing them to re-focus on their core business.

“The company expects to grow managed service into a multi-million euro business within the next 12 months.”

comdivision has a clear requirements-based approach by understanding each customers organizational needs as a whole. Then they follow a clear methodology for every project – small or large.

Assessment: collect customer information, whether it’s requirements (business or technical), constraints, risks, etc.

Design: even if it is not a new deployment, having a high-level design of what they plan to achieve and how is helpful.

Execute: implement the solution with the customer to understand how the solutions work and get a hands-on experience.

Validation: both the design and execution phase will be validated by an independent resource, that is not involved with the project to verify that design makes sense to the reviewer and the customer.

Knowledge Transfer: whatever hasn’t been covered during execution will be covered here. Certified instructors will ensure the customer can operate the infrastructure later themselves.

Operation: if desired, this could be either cd:managed, comdivison’s managed service offering, or cd:knowledge for hourly support by comdivision’s experts.

Customers who search for a long-term partnership, built on knowledge transfer and joint project work, are in good hands with comdivision: “we may not be the cheapest, but we also won’t surprise our clients with any hidden costs. We want the customer to grow with us with joint project efforts and results and not to be dependent on us, because of missing documentation or a missing understanding.” says Yves Sandfort, CEO of comdivision. Sharing an anecdote, he talks about a German manufacturing customer who has a long-standing history of delivering top-notch plastic and metal products for the building industry. For multiple reasons, the client needed to start a renovation of their datacenter within two weeks. Also, downtime had to be kept at a minimum, since the data center is located next to a production plant. Therefore, only two days were allotted to transfer all data to a temporary home and only two days for the return. Under the leadership of chief architect Yves Sandfort, a VMware Certified Design Expert (VCDX), comdivision recommended VMware Cloud on AWS services for this project: “I knew that VMware Cloud on AWS is almost tailormade for an undertaking like this”, Sandfort explained. The migration to the Cloud went flawlessly and was completed in less than two days. The next step for the company is to analyze how VMware Cloud on AWS can be integrated into their current disaster recovery concept and if they can leverage VMware Cloud on AWS when expanding their Asian footprint.

comdivision expects to grow managed services into a multi-million Euro business within the next 12 months. comdivision plans to expand their managed service with a 3-pillar approach for their customers. They will offer customers the ability to create individual learning plans for their students. At the same time, comdivision plans to expand into new markets: while they cover various parts of EMEA and US, they look into Asia as a future market plus expanding their EMEA and US presence. “at comdivision, we will celebrate our 25th anniversary next year and we are working towards enhancing it even further. Our team of highly certified consultants will continue helping our customers to solve the most challenging tasks in project management, implementation and operations,” adds Sandfort. IE

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