“Enhancing Healthcare Arena with His Pioneering Leadership”

Tim Flaherty, CFO and valued leader of Enable Injections, has been instrumental in bringing massive changes to the organization with his well-rounded experience of a company’s operations. In addition to the treasury, accounting, and finance, Tim has managed the functional areas of customer service, supply chain, human resources, and IT during his career. Tim’s strong visionary and adaptive leadership and operational experience enable him to initiate and implement change that sets up the company for future success. He also has a deep understanding and appreciation for cross-functional operations and a diverse set of experiences serving as a leader in small, large, private, and public companies, that help him make informed decisions to drive change, improve internal controls, streamline and automate processes, which will allow the company to scale. In addition to these key leadership qualities, he credits much of his success to his supportive network, which has helped build strong investor relations, and support Enable’s recruitment objectives to attract top talent.

Enable is positioned as a hybrid Biotechnology / MedTech company with a mission to redefine drug delivery for the benefit of patients, providers, and partners. While still in the investigational stage, our team is focused on developing combination products that bring together novel drug delivery technology with therapies for the treatment of serious and life-threatening conditions. When these products are approved, they are intended to allow the patient to self-administer their biologic drugs anywhere, including at home or in the healthcare clinic. The flexible model is designed to give the patient more control over their treatment experience, improve access to care, and ultimately the opportunity to focus on the most important things. Additionally, we should see improvements in patient adherence to treatments, reduced exposure to infectious diseases such as the current coronavirus in healthcare settings, and alleviated healthcare resources burden.

“Enable's enFuse® utilizes standard container closure systems to deliver large volumes up to 50 mL of high-viscosity pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical therapeutics. For more information, visit us at https://EnableInjections.com.”

Enable is focused on providing an end-to-end healthcare solution for the benefit of both the patient and physician. During COVID-19, many patients and physicians pivoted to virtual healthcare options, like Telehealth. This technology-supported healthcare continuity when hospitals and clinics were stretched to maximum capacity. Unfortunately, patients were faced with a new challenge during COVID-19 – to delay care or risk exposure. Situations like these especially highlight the importance of having flexible healthcare options. One of the many ways Enable is working to provide this type of flexibility is through the development of the Enable Smart enFuse®, a Bluetooth technology that can be pre-integrated with a company’s Digital Health Platform. This technology is currently under development but is intended to virtually connect the patient to their doctor and others involved in their care – such as a parent. In addition to digital communication capability, the Enable Smart enFuse is intended to capture updates on a patient’s infusion, which may serve to verify adherence to treatment. The enFuse platform is designed to leverage existing primary container closure systems, eliminating the need for additional stability testing and programs, additional filling and manufacturing lines, and additional stability testing risk. The enFuse platform offers an exciting potential option for biopharmaceutical partners looking to minimize incremental development costs and time by utilizing the original container closure.

As they approach market launch, Enable Injections is looking forward to these significant milestones that will benefit patients. Enable’s goal from the beginning has been to improve the lives of patients worldwide. To reach the greatest number of patients with the enFuse technology, Enable must be equipped for substantial growth. Tim understands the criticality of positioning the company for scalability to meet this goal. In addition to strategically partnering with pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies that align with their mission, the business operations mustn't be a barrier. “Some of the ways that Tim and the Enable team are proactively working to sustain future growth by digitizing business solutions, implementing automated manufacturing technology to enable scalability of device production, and designing the product in a way that fits the needs of our pharma partners,” says Tim.

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