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Having graduated Magna Cum Laude from the Polytechnic University in Bucharest, Liviu Drăgan created two of the most renowned Romanian IT brands – TotalSoft and Charisma. These two brands have been a valuable business card for the entire Romanian software industry, reaching under Liviu Dragan’s lead more than 1000 enterprise customers worldwide. As a founder member and president of the Software and Services Industry Association (ANIS), Liviu Drăgan was actively involved in promoting the Romanian IT industry. At the beginning of 2018, after 25 years of building Charisma ERP, Liviu Drăgan created a team of experienced developers and business consultants to efficiently use AI and Machine Learning technology to answer a growing need for employees and clients everywhere - the need for self-service, speed and autonomy. In less than two years from inception, DRUID is globally recognized chatbot authoring platform of choice to develop intelligent virtual assistants (chatbots) faster, at a fraction of costs. These chatbots contribute to digitizing and automating processes and business flows in any industry and any role, saving time and money while boosting user experience.

DRUID is more than a conversational AI platform. DRUID comes with over 600 skills built-in in conversational templates, that can cover extremely fast specific roles and processes in certain industries no matter the deployment scenario – cloud, on-prem or hybrid. All this business know-how is embedded in standard chatbots for financial services, insurance, healthcare, pharma, utilities, oil&gas, retail, services and public sector. “Our 20+ years of business expertise combined with advanced AI and proprietary NLP technologies can automate end-to-end processes in a conversational way,” says Liviu. “These specialized chatbots can easily be completed with powerful industry-agnostic HR, Finance, Call-Center, Support, Sales or Manager’s Assistant chatbots to reshape the ways large organizations communicate with employees, customers, suppliers or business partners.”

The DRUID integration layer simply connects external users (customers, suppliers, business partners) or internal users (employees) with enterprise data. All chatbots born and raise on DRUID authoring platform can easy access data from other applications like ERPs, CRMs, Bis, HRISs through APIs - any REST/SOAP, Any ODBC (SQL, Oracle, MySQL), Office Build Doc, Email - or RPAs in case legacy systems does not expose data. For faster deployments, ready-made connectors with Oracle, SAP, SalesForce, Dynamics 365 and other well-know enterprise applications are available. On the other side, DRUID offers a rich user experience on a variety of channels like MS Teams, Skype, FB Messenger, WhatsApp Business, Slack, WeChat, Intranet, Web.

“DRUID is an open conversational hub, pre-packed with all necessary technologies to automate specific processes in a conversational way.”

The company’s product development effort goes on two directions. The most important one is to permanently enhance their proprietary NLP technology for DRUID chatbots to provide simple and accurate answers, in human-like conversations, in more than 40 international languages. The second direction is to position DRUID as an open conversational hub, pre-packed with all necessary technologies to automate specific processes in a conversational way. For instance, DRUID can perform a complete digital onboarding process for banks or healthcare organizations, in a conversational way, in less than 10 minutes. This includes advanced OCR technology, KYC process, digital signature, in a fully secured and GDPR compliant process. “Thanks to our award-winning connector with UiPath, DRUID played a pivotal role in credit deferrals on the FS industry,” says Liviu. “As a consequence of the COVID-19 crisis, banks all over the world had to manually process a high volume of credit deferral requests. DRUID chatbots were able to reduce time for processing credit deferrals requests, to offset workload on customer service personnel, and to bring higher customer satisfaction for faster deferrals requests resolutions.”

The biggest achievement of the company is the global alliance with UiPath, the leader of robot process automation industry worldwide. DRUID brings conversational capabilities to UiPath RPA bots, adds enhanced cognitive services and simplifies the completion of tasks. They are currently working to add business know-how and specific language in standard chatbots for all targeted industries. “Any customer will find in DRUID a one-stop-shop through which he will be able to launch extremely quickly in production virtual assistants to automate internal processes, to increase employee productivity or to offer unparalleled rich experience to their customers,” says Liviu. IE

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