10 Best CEOs - 2021

Being able to inspire others to buy into your vision is an important tool in leadership. He should think out of box and spend time to weigh the pros and cons of each decision. A good CEO realize that instead of no decision a wrong decision is better They make decisions earlier, faster, and with greater conviction. They do so consistently—even amid ambiguity, with incomplete information, and in unfamiliar domains. The qualities which involve delegations and empowerment, commitment, passion, change agent.

10 Best Cloud Leaders - 2020

The cloud leaders Acknowledge the inputs and skills of others - Sharing ideas & knowledge and clearly defining problems and identifying solutions. they Work collaboratively with vendors and within the contract. They Focus on leadership and managing IT in the new environment of the Cloud context i.e., Managing versus leading and exploring the value of different leadership styles. They Effectively communicating the Cloud vision and engage with others where they keep the employees engaged and motivated in the times of change and hesitation

10 Best CFOs - 2020

CFO is the company officer enhancing performance, he realizes the true performance potential of the company that require CFO to develop balanced, complete, end-to-end view of the company’s full value chain i.e., from customers who needs to back-office operations to suppliers’ contributions to competitors. And pinpoint the places that need attention. They create value for shareholders. They lead with intellectual and emotional agility, confidence, frankness, the pack at investing time to learn and develop new ideas. They should have foresight and enabling to create and implement business plans for the company and aligning them.

10 Best Security Leaders - 2020

Security leadership is one of many new opportunities, most of the new miracles created by the internet’s growth aren’t easily achieved. It is exactly as what the name implies. the term is used to describe a leadership style which is all about security, which more specifically functions in an organization as an attacker that would ensure eventual growth and success. The high self-awareness, focused skill is paramount for leadership. The successful security leader is knowledgeable about threats and he’s aware of current industry trends. He should create a high trust environment.